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Thu Jul 12 2012, 08:35AM
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Hello fellow readers,

I suggest there should be a recruitment topic, so that many who wish to be admins/mods may try and Xerologic might find a very trustworthy player and is dedicated to the server. The recruitment topic should have a first thread showing what you must have and write.
Recruitment Instructions :

In-game username : Bob [Example]
Age : 15 [Age needed]
What rank are you going for : Admin/Mod/Head Mod/Head Admin [If any Vacancies]
Why do you want to be a staff : [Reason]
How are you going to help? :
Are you dedicated to the server? :
How long have you played in Xerologic : [Must be at least 1 month]
Suggestion 2

There should also be an MCMMO plugin which allows skills to be enabled, Including, Super Breaker, Serrating strike [i], Skull Splitter and many more.
Other than combat skills, There are also Herbalism, WoodCutting, Mining, Taming and also Repairing. Repairing allows tools that has been used to be repaired. But they must have at least 1 of the item that is used to make it, Example if its an Iron Pickaxe, you'll need 1 Iron to repair it but there is a level requirement to fix certain kinds of tools.
That is all, thank you for reading.
[To admins, Please comment on it if it is good or bad and which one would you like to be added.]
Hope you add it in!
Sincerely, ThedarkfoxZ/EndevourZ
My account now is ThedarkfoxZ.

[ Edited Thu Jul 12 2012, 08:38AM ]
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