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New Dedicated Server

New Dedicated Server

Posted by  [T]yphoon
well i checked for a new server to replace my 2 old and slower ones
and i found a nice one Intel Core i5-2400 with 16GB DDR3, 4TB hd space and a 100mbit connection
my old ones where a Q6700 with 4GB DDR2, 2TB hd space and a E6xxx series with 2GB DDR2, 250GB hd space
so i put a virtual progrma on it (VMWARE ESXi 4.1) and made a 2 virtual machines which are faster then those 2 old ones :P

there where also a few issues with the IP's:
TeamSpeak3 server is using a different IP now but the subdomain is redirecting to the new one
The webserver has 2 IP's instead of 1 (there are still a few issues with the compiling stuff but those will be fixed later)
Minecraft server (yeah i know, i never posted this in the news) has a new IP but the subdomain is redirecting to the new one (minecraft.xerologic.net:1337)

Minecraft Server Xerologic Public Minecraft Server [FREE BUILD]

i also removed the TS3 Viewer to a different page, because the channel list is to damn big :)

all in all, its been a good week for me :P

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