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Server Hydro is no more

Server Hydro is no more

Posted by  [T]yphoon
It seems that our hosting provider canceled their French server (don't know why) that we used for IRCD
but luckly i bought a few days before another IRCD Account and put a IRC Server + Anope Services on it (Energized.DE.EU.Xerologic.net)

in a few days i will buy a nice Quad Core server from a another French hosting company, to replace my old one (Typhoon.NL.EU.Xerologic.net)
it has a 100mbit connection, so its better then my current one
But i recently paid for my old one so when i buy the new one we have 3 servers again, but after 2 months Typhoon will disappear.

If you have any problems with Ultimate or Energized, please contact me

Also lets welcome our 2nd Network Administrator, welcome RonaBlaze :)
He helped me so much in making this network even bigger then it already was :D

Network Administrator
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